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Workout with the horse

Riding is a sport, that is clear to everyone. But what do I do when my horse gets older or sick and can no longer be ridden. Do I have to look for a new sport then?

We do sports together - even in old age and in illness!

Ground work is still frowned upon by many classical riders. I have always wondered why?

Ground work offers so much for the horse:

  • Head work
  • Concentration on people
  • Muscle building
  • Training of balance and coordination
  • Promotion of the bond to us humans

Ground work offers just as much for us humans:

  • coordination training
  • Fitness training
  • Fun with the old or sick horse

Give it a try, it works. It is only important to do it as consciously and seriously as you would do a workout in a gym.

As a licensed coach for Dual-Aktivierung® and Equikinetic® I would be happy to guide you and bring you completely new ideas ....

up to the weight loss program for the team horse - horse owners. The nutritional counseling will be done by a experienced nutrition consultant.

Trailer training

  • Loading the horse - training
  • Tips and tricks for a relaxed ride with the horse trailer ... also on vacation