My offer about hooves

Consulting about the current hoof situation

Do you know this,

  • the hooves don't look well, they break out constantly or when scratching out, they stink.
  • the irons do not hold at all anymore. What now?
  • You would like to change from shoeing to barefoot, but you are not sure if this would harm your horse
  • or you just want to have a quiet chat with someone about your horse's hooves
  • Diagnosis hoof cancer or deer - the beloved quadruped should be euthanized

Then make an appointment. I will come to you with plenty of time and explain my thoughts and ideas about the hoof situation of your horse.

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Hoof Treatment

Hooves are in direct interaction with the entire musculoskeletal system. They form the foundation of the horse and should allow "comfortable walking" for each individual animal.

The goal of hoof treatment can therefore not be the production of the ideal shape so that they look beautiful for us humans. Rather, it must be checked at each treatment appointment whether the horse can make good use of its hooves or whether there is a need for improvement during the treatment. Only in this way can the use of the hoof by the horse be adapted to the individual gait.

Skilful processing can have a positive effect on the respective concrete wear or deformation of the hooves.

Seminars: The healthy hoof - theory and practice

What does a healthy hoof look like?

What can I as a horse owner contribute to my horse living on four healthy hooves?

What does hoof health mean?

If you are interested in these topics or would like to learn about "first aid" on the hoof, then a seminar like this is just the right thing for you.

We can discuss the theory in a group of up to 10 horse owners in a relaxed atmosphere. With many pictures I explain anatomy of the hoof, hoof diseases and discuss your individual questions with you.

For the practice I do not recommend more than 4 people and 1 horse we are allowed to work on. This way, anyone can analyze and work on a hoof under my guidance.