About me

Welcome to our colorful family

We, that´s

  • the spanish horse Peletero
  • the dachshund mix Carlos
  • the Shetlandpony Nemolon

....and me, Kerstin

Our story




I have loved horses since I can remember, and since I was 15 years old I am finally allowed to go to the stable regularly.

For many years I looked after the horses of a very nice horse owner, to whom I am still grateful for the wonderful hours together and the knowledge she passed on to me.

I learned with the animals how much joy one can also have with old journeymen, how much warmth and gratitude they give.

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a dream came true ...

After I finished my training and studies I met a 3 year old spanish stallion, who crept directly and infinitely deep into my heart. Since then he has accompanied me through my life with all its ups and downs and with his diversity he is just fun!

Thanks Peletero. You are the greatest treasure!

the Shetlandpony Räuber(in English: Bandit) joins us. A small stallion, just 18 months old, who lives up to his name. He has always put a smile on the face of all the others who have got to know him in his short life. Unfortunately he had to cross the rainbow bridge in 2010.

Räuber, you are forever in my heart. I miss you!





after it became a bit lonely without our Räuber, we took little Nemolon into our family in the summer of 2010. He often accompanies us as a hand pony or pulls a small sulky through the forest.

One pasture is not enough for him, he always chooses the most beautiful and best one, crawls through the fence and then joins the horses. So the horses at our stable are all "pony-safe".

Nemo, you are your own training point in every calmness training.

Finally the dachshund Carlos comes and completes our round.

Carlos, my soul in the coat, who is always at my side.

I did the education as hoof orthopedist at 'Deutsche Huforthopädische Gesellschaft e.V.

Minishetlandponies, coldbloods, horses of all breeds and donkeys, young and old, are among my clients.

Hoof diseases like hoof cancer and laminitis are successfully treated by myself.

The path becomes clear from physicist to hoof orthopedist. Physics is definitely also in hoof treatment!

The path is clear from physicist to hoof orthopedist. Physics is definitely also in hoof treatment!

is now to follow the education as a horse dentist.

                            .... if circumstances permit.